Getting new office furniture at last? Hooray! You’ve earned it! But before you rush out and get new shiny versions of what you already have, stop and think about how much impact your furniture has on the work you do, your clientele and your bottom line. Here are some useful ideas to bear in mind as you get ready for your office’s new look.

Make It Multi-Task. From hidden drawers to extendable desk surfaces, you want your furniture to do as much for you as possible, especially if one item can do the work of two. Can you scrap your half-empty bookcase for a tidy pair of shelves on a credenza? Can you keep the office’s supply of hand sanitizer and tissues in a cupboard under a side table in the waiting room? Can your inbox be slid under your monitor stand to clear real estate for writing?

Make It Comfortable. No one is going to work well in an uncomfortable chair or under a dim or flickering lamp. Even if you’re going to buy furniture online, go to a store nearby and spend time testing out the models you’re interested in. Go adjustable when you can…your chair now may go to your much taller associate one day when you move to fancier digs!

Sweat the Small Stuff. When you’re budgeting for your office makeover, remember the little things: rugs, printer stands, pictures for the walls, a whiteboard for the conference room, a fridge and microwave so you can use real cream in your coffee or bring a homemade lunch. Think about all the times you said to yourself “I wish we had X” in the office, and make sure X gets on the list.

Check the List Twice. Shopping is exciting, which makes it easy to forget key items. When you are looking over your list, get a colleague to go over it with you. That extra pair of eyes may catch something you missed. Someone who isn’t as directly invested in the project as you are may be able to offer helpful feedback when you’re too close to the situation.

If you incorporate these tips into your planning, your new office furniture will make your work life and your office space far more satisfying. If you have any questions about other ways to make this transition work for you, let us know and we’ll work with you to get your needs met.