You know, I hear this all of the time. “I am so happy that someone is actually going to come to my site and see my potential project. Other office furniture dealers else won’t even talk to me or come to my office. They think my project is too small.”
At Deco Designs systems Furniture Inc. we specialize in the projects that other office furniture companies feel are too small.
But what is “too small?”
What Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc. sets as criteria is miles driven vs. cost of sale. For example: I wouldn’t send a crew to San Francisco for a chair. If we can’t help we will refer you to someone in your area who can. I might, however, send a crew to San Francisco for an office depending on the size and cost. Obviously, we are in business to make a profit. But we are also here to build relationships with growing companies around the Silicon Valley. Also if it is just a couple of panels or chairs you need can always come to our offices in San Jose.
So the next time you have a, “small project,” call Deco Designs Systems Furniture first.