Ladybug keyboard from Grandstands

Over the last 15 to 20 years, keyboard trays have changed substantially.  Years ago, when everyone just had a terminal, keyboard and mouse, keyboard trays were just that, pull out tray.  But with the onset of repetitive stress injuries or carpal tunnel syndromes, keyboards had to change.

For instance, keyboards trays just used to pull out and push in with no other adjustments.   To days boards can do everything except the work for you.  For instance, Grand Stands, a supplier of all kinds of ergonomic solutions have keyboards that move in and out, up and down, swivel left and right, adjust for a forward tilt or reverse tilt and can even be adjusted so that you can stand up to work.  If you want a board that just holds your keyboard, they have that.  If you like to have your mouse next to, above or below your tray, they can do that as well.

So do you need a keyboard tray?  The answer is probably yes.  People that spend more then four hours a day at their computer are prime candidates for a keyboard.  The board cuts down on stress in the fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck.  Because of the many fine adjustments, static positions are a thing of the past.

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