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Give Your Office a Makeover

Getting new office furniture at last? Hooray! You've earned it! But before you rush out and get new shiny versions of what you already have, stop and think about how much impact your furniture has on the work you do, your clientele and your bottom line. Here are some useful ideas to bear in mind [...]

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Why Choose Deco Designs

Here’s How Deco Designs Can Help You We are a Licensed and Bonded California State Contractor (now required by State of California to install or knock down office cubicles) We are a full-service dealership specializing in all types of furniture and office cubicles. You specify the brand, and we find office furniture and cubicles—new, used [...]

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Who Is Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc.?

Hi, my name is Mark McMasters. I'm the owner of Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc. The company's been in business now for over 20 years. I started this company to facilitate and make the furniture buying process a little easier. With me, because I do own the company; I do all of the designing, I [...]

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Small Projects and On Site Evaluations

You know, I hear this all of the time. “I am so happy that someone is actually going to come to my site and see my potential project. Other office furniture dealers else won’t even talk to me or come to my office. They think my project is too small.” At Deco Designs systems Furniture [...]

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Cubicle Installers Required by State of CA to be Licensed Contractors

Cubicle Installation Contractors are required to be licensed by the State of California. This includes installation and teardown of cubicles and office partition furniture. To insure that your installation company currently has an active DE 34 specialty license, go to the California Contractor Board website at: Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc. DE34 Specialty License [...]

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How to Buy Used Cubicles

I have heard many times, “Hey I got a really great deal on cubicles” Well most of the time that great deal,” costs you a lot more than buying from a reputable dealer. Parts come up missing, the cubicles can’t be put back together properly because it is so old it is destroyed during tear [...]

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Remanufactured versus New Office Cubicles

  When I first opened Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc. 20 years ago, I sold  a lot of remanufactured office cubicles.  Back then, it made better sense, was environmentally friendly and was more cost effective.  We warehoused all of our products, re-painted them to the customer’s specifications and sold them new looking cubicles.  The drawback [...]

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Deco Designs Blog

Hello this is a blog

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